Alexander Andronescu

Alexander Andronescu is a fashion designer in Los Angeles fascinated by the culture, history and world surrounding the Middle East. Andronescu began exploring the beauty of the Arab world at a young age, learning to read and write Arabic at the age of thirteen. Following an intense interest in design, he enrolled in the Fashion Design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and spent his final year of college in Florence, Italy where he was able to unify his two biggest passions. His final presentation, the culmination of his education and passion, was a collection inspired by the modern Persian Gulf pulling inspiration from Arabic and Farsi calligraphy. Upon his return to the United States, Andronescu worked briefly for a Los Angeles based women’s clothing company, but left seeking to create fashion that meant more than just clothing. Starting Alex of Arabia in September of 2017, he dove into the study of Arabic calligraphy and poetry learning to translate ancient Persian and Arabian proverbs and illustrating them using fashion as the canvas. Alex of Arabia quickly grew into a mission to share the beauty he discovered, to show the Western world a wonder that could be seen simply by shifting your paradigm and looking at the world with the vision of peace, a message of love, and enduring hope.